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Replace function not working


I have a problem with the replace function.

I created a text box in a view of my product by assigning the "Replacevalue  to "col1".

In another view, I created another text box in which I also assigned the "Replace" value to "col1".

In single parameters of products, I set the "Replace an all view" option to "Yes".

Yet when I make a change to the view in my product page, the change is not reflected on the other view.

Did I miss a step?


That's not how replace values work. If you add another, custom text and have entered the same replace value "col1" in the text settings of the product (individual settings) then it will replace both these texts with the one you added.


i try to replace some text with the same value of "replace" on each text, but it's doesn't work.

However, when i did the same things with designs, all it works...

how can i do to replace automatically text from one view to another?

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