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Importing products


I am building a site and plan to use Fancy product designer. However i have a question about importing products.

I use wp allimport to import products. will I be able to include the data required by fancy product designer as part of the import process. I have a lot of products, and don't want to have to do them all individually


Sorry, but no that will not be possible.

As far as I can see, FPD adds 4 custom fields to the product data fpd_source_type, fdp_products,fpd_product_categories and fpd_product_settings. 

WP all import allows the import of data into custom fields. however when I try to import FPD product IDs into fdp_products the data is not inserted. XCan you think why this would be.

if I 

1 set up the FDP products & take a note of the IDs

2. Disable the FPD plugin

4 Run the import

3.Reenable the plugin, 

the data seems to be imported correctly

Can you see an issue with doing this?

I agree this is an important feature. I have over 35K products and assumed that the plugin would be able to use product's feature image for customizing. Any work around is appreciated. Thanks!

This was never part of the plugin. If you need something like this, please make a feature request.

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