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Including a fancy product in a bundle?

Hi, I've recently purchased Fancy Product Designer and have been testing it on my webpage. I'm loving it so far. I'm considering purchasing the full licence for a web page I'm managing but I need to include the product in a bundle. We've set up some templates for membership cards in different colours(images and other stuff locked down to the same position) that are to be included when you buy a bundle of other clothes.

Currently we are using a combination of WooCommerce Composite Products and WooCommerce Product Addons for this functionality. It works, but users can't see what their card will look like and we have to process the images manually after each order. Currently I haven't been able to include my fancy products in the bundle since we can't get the editor to activate when selecting the product in the composite product. I'm considering doing like a coupon for free membership cards when you order a bundle or maybe setting the membership cards to cost 0 when you purchase a bundle at the same time, however this obviously isn't optimal. I'm wondering if anyone knows of some system that will let me bundle Fancy Products and other variable/simple products together?

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Do you know if there will be development to allow WooCommerce Composite products to work with Fancy Product Designer. It would be ideal if it could. If I was able to adjust the main image based on user selections of the Composite products with easy price control it would be perfect. 

Hi, I have another experience with FPD and Composite. FPD is available on the main product page. Additionally user can add another product using WooCommerce Composite. Everything works fine in terms of ordering bundle - the total price is being updated and keeps the same till the last step of ordering product. So it is ok. Unfortunately when user click on edit design beforehand, start desiginig and then choose additional product using WooCommerce Composite drop down list, the price is being miscalculated in the cart. Not sure where is the issue.


hi Captooori 
also  the image of the composite product dont show in the card, 
ddid you found a solution for that

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