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BUG? No colorpicker for SVG in jQuery-Version 4.2.0


in Version 4.2.0 it is not possible to use the colorpicker for SVGs. With PNGs there are no problems.
What could be the reason?


In latest Version 4.2.1 SVG colorisation is still not possible. Will this work in coming version? Because i can't update without changeable colors for svg objects.
Nobody has the same problem?


Your .svg's are proper vector graphics, not just embedded images? Because if it's just embedded images it won't work (it's not a proper vector graphic after all)

Hi Johnny, Thanks for answer. Yes, they are proper Vector grafics. In Version 2.xx or 3.xxx they are working without problems. But i got an idea. I grouped some layers, so that only one color was pickable. I will look if anything is working, if i use "normal" layers...

As non composite layers i see more color fields for the svg's, but still can't change the colors...


Could you open a support ticket and send an example of the .svg? I'd like to do some quick tests on my server.

Ok, i will send you a file tomorrow.

Solution: in data-parameters "colors": "1"

Thanks to Johnny

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