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Selected design load to selected product


I wonder if there are any way to load a design via link. On my site there are various products lets say mugs, t-shirt, mouse pads. I also have hundreds of designs. What I want is to show the ready made designs, as a product, and place a link to the mug, t-shirt or mouse pad desinger- and if anyone click on the link it goes to the right designer where the selected design is pre-loaded? 

Alternatively I can make hundreds of variation with MSPC, but how can do a  direct link to a specific variation?  



Sorry, but FPD designs can not be loaded via a link.

Is there any way to do this modifying the code??

Someone have a clue to implement this??

This is something I need as well.  Even if there was a way to link it via jquery or something that would be really helpful.  As it is, in order for me to show my customers all the available designs I have to create a separate product for each design.  My preference would be to create a gallery of images that link to a single FPD that can load the correct design.

This is something I need as well

Please create a feature request for this then, thank you.

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