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Shadows layer for Product Builder


I am new because I just bought Fancy Products Designer. I tried several approximate methods found on the Internet to create the Shadows layer. But no one answered the Fancy Product Builder specific need. I also sought on product FAQs without result.

Can you please enlighten me on this point and especially point me to a quick and efficient method. 

For your information I use Photoshop; I'm no expert but I can follow instructions easily. I'm working on a website made with WordPress+Woocommerce.

 Thank you


I found these tutorials pretty good:



It's also important to change white to alpha (via channels in Photoshop I believe). In case of the image for our demo products, we added some white highlights back in with a white brush (though we did get most of the image online and did not actually create them)

Thank you Johnny for suggestions. 

I had already tried the first method. I just still try once because I think it is better detailed than the second tutorial. 

It is a method that works well for Photohop mockups. By cons it is difficult to apply in Fancy Product Designer insofar Product Builder requires a significant transparency reduction for each of the two layers;  if not, colors are altered significantly. And the balance is hard to find especially as I have to follow the procedure for fifty articles to market.


Anyway that's my experience. Maybe I'm wrong but I followed the steps described by the author of the tutorial using the picture that himself used.

As for the second part of your answer and since I am not strong in Photoshop, I'd like please to have a step by step process if you have it, 


From my part I try to isolate the shadows with the magic wand on a layer of its own. Then I delete all other elements of the photo. I slightly modifies the transparency of wrinkles. It's pretty simple as a method but I can not get a good result until now.

Thank you for any extra help

I personally use gimp (student - don't have the money for Photoshop) It has a color to alpha function that takes care of any background and other colors I need to get rid off. Photoshop can of course do more or less the same thing:


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