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Floating Element Bar also with Scale Bar for Text Size

I am wanting to have a floating / moveable Element Toolbar, at the moment it is fixed and it covers my design.

And also to have the elements i.e. colour, font size (scalable bar), font, bar looking nice like the attached photo.

Would like it to be exactly like the attached image.

Also I want to have a Page that has all the designs, then when I click the design it goes directly to the associated FPD template.

Any idea on how to do the above?

Which version are you on? jquery or WooCommerce?

With the WooCommerce version you should be able to move it if you have these settings in the UI & Layout Composer:

Hi Johnny, woocommerce the latest version, this only makes the "Designs" "Products" toolbar move, I want the Element Bar to be able to move as per my attached pictures.

I have seen other users of FPD have the Element Toolbar move. 

There are also other aspects of my question above not answered, can this question please be unticked as answered. Thank you. 

As I would love to get some advise on how to achieve these.


Sorry I did not have any time recently to check the community forum. Should the issue still persist, please do open a support ticket.

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