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Product Design - Can't Add Any Element

 I have designed a business card template and am now working on a roll banner template.

I need the template to be 300dpi 80cm x 200xm so set up a stage at 24500px * 61000px.  The stage does appear, but the layers buttons remain greyed out.


It might be because your stage is massive. Try setting the stage to 500 x 1500. A business card is very small. I am making t-shirts and set my stage to 2000 x 2000 and that seems plenty big for a quality output.

Hi Scott,

thanks for the reply.

I need the banner designed life size at 300dpi, so have template image at a similar size.  I upload this, but, of course, it is way bigger than the stage.  How do I shrink the stage view/zoom out to allow a full page view for designing?  I assume resizing the image affects the out put size?

Sorry, I did not read it correctly, I guess I was tired after a long week. I would experiment with smaller size stages just for experiment sake. You can get away with a much smaller resolution than the actual product size and it will not be noticeable. I am not sure how much, but it is more than one would expect. The real solution would be to save the original image to the database and show the user a smaller version in the interface. That would require significant customization to the plug-in, but in the long run that is the best approach.

You're probably right, but I can't be the only one with this issue.

Currently, there is too much fiddling with the graphics to make this an 'easy'solution! 


That is most likely caused by a server setting/ issue or a conflict with another plugin/ your theme. Please create a support ticket if you need further help. We'd need access to your wp-admin.

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