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Export PDF with Image format SVG.

I have a question : Why when exporting to PDF SVG always replace Helvetica? I also use a font that is certainly installed on the system (Arial, Times, etc).


If you are on the latest version (3.2.2) and you have the font installed on your system that should work. If i does not, please open a support ticket, thanks!

In my case, I don't see any possibility to export a design with font and SVG as SVG or PDF with vector elements. In every case, designs are flattened in bitmap file. Is it normal ? Is there any option to keep vector elements in the exported / downloaded file ? Many thanks :) 

IT'S OK ! I saw that on server side pdf files could be in vectorial output. But another question : is it possible to automate pdf generation instead of manually generating it in wp admin ? Thanks ^^ ! 

No that is currently not possible. We are working on something though.

Im just wondering did automatic generating PDF with vector got updated in the newer versions?

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