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Double Clicking Doesn't Edit Curved Text

 I have my curved text set to be editable, but you have to use this obscure little button on the bar to edit it, which a customer will never figure out. Normal text can be edited by double clicking on it. Why isn't this the case with curved text?


That's because the externally developed code for the curved text does not support the double click edit. We are waiting for a better implementation that will allow this and will add it as soon as it's available.

any news on this please?

No, unfortunately not. Fabrics.js does still not support this.

Ok, how about if all modules excluded besides "Edit Tex", and clicking on curved text, edited text will appears in an input field w/o need to click on "Edit Text" button?

This would  be far clear for the customers.

a bit workaround for more clear curved text editing 

in file FancyProductDesigner-all.min.js add:


this force to click on EditTextTool button after click on curved text, so the customer can see where to edit text.

@Oval could you message me in our chat widget at https://www.screenart.media ?

@Oval - Hi, Where exactly in the file do I need to place this code - i.mainBar.toggleUploadZonePanel(!1)),i.toolbar.update(b),B(b),$('.fpd-icon-text-input').eq(0).click()}

When I add the code, the plugin stops working. What's the exact position where we need to place this code?

Hi divij.

The plain text is the place you need to search where you need to insert new bold text.

So reinstall plugin if it broken and try again.

Note - last brace is not bold!

@Oval - Thanks, it's working now. Is there any way to place it externally in between script tags and place it on the page? That would be more sustainable as we wouldn't have to modify the FPD js files every time after an update.

it is very hard with minified js files - a lot of anonymous like variables and functions which can change their names in versions.

I made some perl automation for patching this files.  

@Oval - Thanks a lot for your help. I will let you know if I figure out a way to place it externally. 

@Oval - There's a major issue with this workaround, clicking on non-text elements also opens up the edit text box. 


ok i dived in to it a bit deeper and here the full solution:

1. Install Simple Custom CSS and JS plugin directly from Wordpress

2. Add Javascript file in it:


  jQuery(window).load(function() {
    if(typeof fancyProductDesigner !="undefined")
    setTimeout( function(){
  $('[id^=fancy-product-designer-]').eq(0).on('elementSelect', function(a,b)
    if(b != null && typeof b.curved !="undefined" && b.curved == true) $('.fpd-icon-text-input').eq(0).click()
    }, 150);


 This must be stable after upgrading FancyProductDesigner and will works with upload zones as well.

@Oval - Thanks for the code. will try it and let you know. How to make this work for Normal text as well?

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