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Facebook and Instagram not working on iPhone

Desktop and android phones are able to upload from Facebook and Instagram, but not iPhones.

iPhone will login to facebook, but no albums are populated, just a blank drop down.

Anyone else have thsi problem?


I can only say that it's working on our demo pages. Can you confirm that?

It has worked for me before, I have just migrated the site onto its final home.

Does PHP version matter?  I know that was the difference for me before (I would get error pop ups saying "OK"). 

Site is hosted on WP ENGINE, PHP version is 5.5.9 - It worked on my test site at 5.2.   WP Engine said they can't change the PHP version



From what I know PHP version should not matter, there seem to have been some people with issues which were solved when switching the php version. Could you create a ticket, please? I'd like to take a look at the page and in case there really is an issue inform the developer (always good to have a url with the issue for that).

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