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Weak export quality

I use right now your T-SHIRT template, I uploaded an 1920x1200 picture, then ordered it.

In order viewer when I export it, the image quality is really bad. I cant print a T-shirt with this exported pdf/jpg.

I bought the plugin.

Attached the exported pdf.




We are aware of this and would like to sincerely apologize. The issue is caused by externally developed libraries. We are working hard on implementing our own web-service to solve the issue once and for all and to massively improve the export functionality in general. For the moment you'll need to use the image export and generate the pdf yourself if you need to print the product.

Hi I have the same problem. Export image is very poor quality. I have many websites on prestashop or wordpress and I'm using anothers plugins for custom design and all of them has qreat quality of export pdf. I wanted try this plugin because it looks good, but due poor quality of export it is unusable. Why I can't export good qualoty image prom my wordpress admin? You said that it is caused by externally developed libraries, but others plugins don't have this problem.

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