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accessory customization

I have a sandal product with 3 accessories that clip to the top of the sandal. The sandal cannot be customized, but all 3 accessory can be. The user needs to be able to customize each accessory by choosing an outer border color or background design, inner border color or background design, inner background and text and/or graphics within the inner section.

Really struggling on how to make this happen. I thought of creating a bottom layer full size as the outer for the outer border, then another layer slightly smaller on top as the inner for the inner border and the a third layer on top of that for the background and text/graphics.

How would I have colors or background designs for the outer and inner borders? How could I have the user customize each of the 3 accessories at the same time?


I'll answer to this in the ticket you created.

i also need help in this..

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