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Save hex colours?

 Maybe I'm missing it, but can you add a colour pallet to apply to different items?

Example :

I have 20 colours of hoodie available, and I add them in Builder. Now I want to have those same colours available for a custom T-shirt.

Do I have to re-add them to each item in builder or can they be saved somewhere? I know you can duplicate a layer, but when I change the image, the hexc colours are deleted.



You'll have to re-add them, sorry. You could make a feature request for this though, in the feature request forum.


I am not sure how to add the Hex colours in the products.
I have added the Hexadecimal Color Names in the settings, but still shows the #FFEE00, instead of the name " Amarillo_pulsera"

how do I do this?
I want to avoid my clients seeing this horrible description





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