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Easiest way to view exported PDFs


What is the best way to view the exported PDF files? I understand that they are placed in the wp-content/fancy_products_orders/pdfs folder, but for me to view them, I need to go to my ftp program and drill down to that folder. Then copy them over to my computer. Is there an easier way?

Also, what's the best way to handle the day to day workflow using your plugin?  When a customer creates an order, I can see everything when looking at my Woocommerce orders (Invoice #, customer name, billing/shipping address, what they ordered, price, and even the custom design when I click on the "Load in Order Viewer" button. Is there a way to print all of that information out on one page to hand over to my production crew? Then they can easily match up the order with the custom design for each customer, print the product, and then ship it out?

Love the plug-in so far, but I need to be able to speed up the workflow to get products printed and out the door quickly.




The pdf's should also open in a new tab in your browser (unless you have a popup blocker preventing this). As for the workflow: There is no way of just printing out all the production data as such from our plugin. We are working on updates to both the pdf functionality and the order viewer in general.

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