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Pre Sales Questions: fixed layers in different views


this plugin seems to be right for my needs. There's just only one issue:

is there a way to add layers that remain fixed if you switch the views?


let's say I have a T-Shirt with 2 images: the front and the retro. 

In both of images I add a layer each with a yellow collar.
A customer selects the front image and selects the yellow collar.

Then the customer switch the image to the retro. The yellow collar has to be already selected.

Is that possible to keep the layers "fixed" without selecting them again by switching through images?

Thanks in Advance!


If it's only about colour you could use the color link feature to link the colors of the two layers together - a change in one will repeat itself for the other. There is no way of doing this with replacing (as the images would need to be different for the front and back of the shirt).

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