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Would like Fancy Designs to default to locked

I am using the fancy designs as essentially design masks in the designer. The only way I have found so far to allow any photos behind

the fancy design to be draggable is to lock the fancy design in place. Requiring a user to lock it manually will not work. Basically I am using fancy designs as cut-out shapes for photos. 

So there is a shape and inside the shape is transparent and that is where the photo(s) go. Am I missing something, is there an easier way? Adding a layer to the product as a mask will not work because I want the user to be able to switch between shapes easily.

If a developer can offer this for me, please let me know what it would cost. Either as an option to set it to locked in the admin for a product, or just coded so fancy designs are locked by default.


Hi Scot,

I edit the modal-edit-design-category-options.php file

i add the following lines above the lines with "Draggable"somewhere line 249

radykal_output_option_item( array(

     'title' => __( 'removable', 'radykal' ),

     'id' => 'removable',

     'default' => '0',

     'type' => 'radio',

     'options' => array(

      '1' => __( 'Yes', 'radykal' ),

      '0' => __( 'No', 'radykal' ),




Then in fancy design "edit category options" select the last 9 options "no" except "stay on top" select "yes"
now the added design is not selecteble

Hi Bennie,

That's a great solution. Thanks a bunch! That's a big help.

@bennie would you know how to lock the layers for the fancy product builder instead by default? And then have new images added not lock? I tried to make a similar change to core files as for the designs section but did not get very far.


Hi Scott

Sorry, I do not know how you should do this

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