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"504 Gateway Time-out" with this plugin


Since I've put my website on a host, I can't access to the plugin in my wordpress back-office... "504 Gateway Time-out" error.

I contacted the web host who told me that the problem is website try to connect with an IP address that takes too long to respond. They told me to contact you for more information. I have not found similar problem on your support.

What can we do ?

I have to put the site into production tomorrow...

Host configuration : http://sable-diamant.fr/phpinfo

I'm up to date with my wordpress configuration and Fancy Product Design / Multistep Product Configurator plugin of course.

Thanks for your answer.

Nobody to answer me ? My host provider said to me they also tried to contact you about this problem few days ago.

Can you answer us please ? Must now quickly find a solution...

We have not received any message from your provider that I'm aware of. Where/ how did they try to get in contact?

Ok... We really progressing well ! -_-

So, I told them to participate to this thread.

And to understand how is difficult to find a solution, here is an excerpt of the conversation that lasts for 3 weeks now (please use google translate if you can't understand french) : http://pastebin.com/raw/frqVCNXp


I contacted my host provider who explained in a better way the problem occurred.

Your plugin seems to play with an external server with this IP address :

This server seems to blacklist IP address of my host : 

In fact, the "Abuse" service of my host provider tried to contact directly the external host (by mail). They didn't have received any answer...

Do you better understand ? And please, can you do something today ? 


I informed the developer.


I browsed through the code and I have to correct myself. There are two places where the plugin is requesting data from my server.

1. Open admin/fpd-admin-functions.php and add a return to the fpd_admin_display_version_info() function:

function fpd_admin_display_version_info() {

return 0;



2. Open fancy-product-designer.php in root folder and comment line 99 to 105:

/*$auto_update = new wp_autoupdate (





          is_multisite() ? get_site_option('fpd_envato_purchase_code'): get_option('fpd_envato_purchase_code')


But this will cause that the auto-update is not working anymore, so you have to update manually.

it seems to work, let's see if it lasts ....

thanks for the tip

Bad news, plugin unavailable again, 504 Gateway Time-out is back.

It seems it's impossible to get vit to work at ovh.

Can you advise a host provider in Europe that know it is working with the plugin ?

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