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Question About Jewelry Configurator


I want to create a jewelry configurator and i am considering the Fancy Product Designer for WooCommerce. Is it possible to create a layout like the one that is shown on the attached design ?

The user will select a thumbnail for each section (upper and lower) and that way he/she will be able to combine different upper and lower parts for a jewelry. Each selected upper and lower thumbnail will show the corresponding high resolution photo at each section on the right.

Can this be done ?

Thank you,



That is only partially possible. You'd need to use both MSPC and FPD, like in this demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/sneaker-mspc/

What you can not do in this case is to have two separate instances of MSPC for the upper and lower section. You can use different tabs though (there are several layout options available). Please note that MPSC and FPD will at the moment only properly work together with products that only have one view (like front view).

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