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Bulk discount price

I would like to add some discount to customers if they buying 3 or more product.

I am using Booster for wocommerce plugin, which working fine for regular products.

However It is not calculating properly the discount for designed product as it uses just the regular woocommerce price and not incudes the price of the added elements (like text, picture etc.) It would be nice to somehow make Fancy product designer to use variables for pricing that enables us to use such plugins for discount or wholesale prices.


I managed to find a plugin that is working well with Fancy product designer and this kind of discounts:

WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features

I can't figure out how to do this with this, I installed WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features but it's not working...

This "WooCommerce Extended Coupon Features" worked for me. But, I would like to see the price adjusted on the product page to encourage checkout with the bulk discount. This plugin "Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce Basic Version" does a nice job of placing a pricing table on the product page to show people what they would save buying in bulk but it doesn't seem to work with FPD (with the FPD Plus bulk add tool at least).

I am also looking for a 'discounter plugin' wich would be comptabile with FDP. I am using  Dynamic Pricing and Discounts from Rightpress and  it doesn't work with the bulk add on.  

Have you find a solution @Todd Eubanks @Joe Balazs or anyone?

You can view the site I built with a FPD, FDP Bulk Add for sizes, pricing table and bulk discounts at signs-stitches . com

I used Custom Price Labels for WooCommerce so that the price range was displayed correctly in the product list and anywhere it has a range.

and Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce Basic Version for the pricing table and bulk pricing.

Note: a bug that would rarely be run into but exists... when you add an item to the cart, let's say 100 items, and they're discounted 20% and then you go back to your item and change the quantity back to 1 in the FPD Plus bulk add and go back to the cart, the discount doesn't  get removed or changed.

BTW, I went through ALL of the plugins available. This is the least of the incompatibilities to get bulk pricing and for the price to display correctly.

Also need a bulk discount option but with a kick. I would like to set up bulk pricing as follows:
Bulk discount for mixed apparel with the same design (discounted for bulk order of mixed tees, hoodies, baby onesie all the same design)

Still need to charge extra for plus sizes (2XLg to 6XLg)  which works fine in WooCommerce, but does not translate to the bulk order, am struggling here?

We really need a bulk discount solution that is compatible, or the "Plus" add-on needs to be extended to allow for this added functionality.

We really do need a good solution for bulk pricing! The wooCommerce addon has many issues. I also need something for an additional print (front and back for example). Pricing Rules do not cover this, yet it is a very basic pricing element for custom printers. Here's what we use for pricing:  BULK (total number of items in order with the SAME print), COLORS (# of colors in EACH print), and PRINTS (each print adds to cost, sleeve, back, hood, etc).  These three MAJOR pricing elements need a pricing rule and a bulk discount that will offer proper pricing to the customer.

If you like to request features please do so in our feature request forum: https://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/discussions/forums/5000217737 so we can have them in mind for further updates. 

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