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Picture not found

 Hello. I have a problem that with some pictures me and my customers get" not found" when we try to put it in on my site.

I cant find any foults in the settings. The problem just came 2 days ago.

Any one had the same problem and found a solution?

Best regards



Are you referring to designs? Can you check that the images are actually still on your server?

No I`m referring to when I try to take a pic from my computer and try to put it in. Then on some pictures I get, Not found.


please open a ticket for this issue, thanks.


I am having the same problem.

Did you identify what the issue was?


My website is ttysoon.com.

All the shop products are affected.

Hi Johnny

Can you advise what the issue is with this problem as some of my colleagues are getting the same issue when testing this and trying to upload an image or logo to the design?



The problem wasn't with the plugin.

After investigating it unfortunately turns out that my site had been hacked.

I'm still working to resolve that, my recommendation will be that you run a site scan if you can.


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