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Problem with background and spiral

I check the demo, If I add a notebook as a product and user upload an image on it then order it then I get the image with notebook or only the image which user uploaded ?

check this url: https://kaghaz.pk/product/a4-custom-front/

open this link and then Customize it. I want the same functionality ... that is I only get that cropped image as with order form not a backend and spiralĀ 


You can get both. Only the image you can get through the single element export or from the file on your server (if you have activated the "save on server" option).

1. It is possible to only get that cropped image which user upload, not the background / product image. Like in case of Mug I did not want to get the mug in the order image.

2. Can I lock down the area of customization ? Like In T-shirt I want user can only customize the some area of the shirt, how it is possible.

1: As in my previous reply: Yes, use the single element export.

2: That can be done with a bounding box.

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