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Buggy Upload Zones

Hi, I'm using a .PNG file with some transparency and an 'upload zone' to allow users to create their own pillow with FPD. The pillow layer is below the PNG but in the transparent zone. 

Unfortunately the upload zone is extremely buggy, the original image does not get replaced half the time when the user uploads an image.

The bug also occurs on the demo site - so it's not just a bug isolated to me.

To prove this I've uploaded two screencap videos of the bug occuring on both the FPD demo product page (http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/photo-frame/) and my own site (http://petthreads.com.au/shop/pet-accessories/personalized-pet-pillow/)

Hopefully there can be some quick fix as the user experience unfixed is frustrating.



FPD.mp4 FPD.mp4
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Thanks for bringing this up! It seems this only happens with .jpg images (in my testing), can you confirm that? I'll let the developer know.

Im experiencing the same issues with all image extensions ... png, jpg , and it happens with all products...

Is this getting looked at ??

The only existing issue about upload zones we know of at the moment appears when the dialog that the uploaded image is too small/ big has popped up before another image was successfully uploaded. This will be addressed with the next update.

Should you have any new issues please do open a support ticket so that we can confirm it, thanks.

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