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Pre-Sales Question: Sending Notifications

1. Is it possible that once the product is customized and created that not only the purchaser receives an email, but the company to?

2.  When the email is sent, does it show the "purchasers"  choices as well as a thumbnail image of the product?

3.  Is it possible to use this without using woocommerce?  The user won't actually be making a purchase as the purchase will have been done before arriving at this page, but I do want the purchaser to choose what they want and be able to see what the item looks like once they have made their choices of their customizations.

Thank You!


1) No that is currently not possible. (or only through a modification)

2) It should, yes.

3) In general, yes you can use the Designer on pages/ posts via the shortcodes. There will then only be a simple form that allows the customer to send the customized product to you.

Thanks Johnny!  So in reference to #1, the only way for the seller to receive a notification would be to integrate it with WooCommerce, correct?

With the plugin as it is, yes.

Hi Johnny,

1. When using the product designer on a page (without WooCommerce), is it possible to change and/or add fields to the form that has to be embedded onto the page?

2. Do you all provide customizations to the plugin and if so, what is the cost?  Below is what I really need the plugin to do without using WooCommerce:

  • Send an email to the site owner with an image of the product the site user choose with their choices
  • Send an email to the site user with an image of the product the site user choose with their choices
  • Add a field to the form that must be embedded on the page acknowledging they approve of the choices they have made.  This could be a simple check box and where they type in their initials.
Thanks so much!

1. That is only possible through a modification of the plugin.

2. We do at the moment not offer customizations, sorry. We are simply too busy.

Is it possible to receive notifications without Woocommerce now?  I see that it was not 3 years ago.  Hoping it is now.  Thank you

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