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Layering 101 help


So sorry if I've missed this in the documentation, I did have a look but I need help way back to the basics of which layers I need to create in photoshop before setting up the products. I'm looking to make up a circular dog tag that people can change colour, add text and add their own image (image attached). Struggling with layers and bounding boxes.

I read on here the bounding box can't be circular - I saw a topic on here that said that wasn't possible but referred the person to the pin badge demo saying masking would do the job. What is masking? How do I do that?

Basically, if I could have a 101 walk through of which layers make up the pin badge and settings for them I'd be really grateful!


Alternatively, if you offer an install service, I'd really like to know about that! I'm not the best Photoshop whizz. 


You can load the pin demo in your product builder to see which layers it uses.

A masking layer is basically a .png image with a transparent area cut out through which the product displays. The mask is set to be always on top (in the builder, modifications tab).

Thanks Johnny, that's massively helpful. I thought there was only a t-shirt demo but just found the others - thanks!

Hello.  Can someone please tell me what the difference is between a mask and a bounding box.  I used a transparent .png as a bounding box element.  Is this a mask?   And if so, what is a mask vs a bounding box?  Thank you

Which one is more convenient depends on your product setup. Using a mask you can clip everything else than the actual product. Using a bounding box you can add a rectangle area (or use semi transparent pngs as overlay) where customers can upload different images. 

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