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Design without Purchase & Printing Quality


I'm considering purchasing the plugin, but need to know a couple of things.

I'm still unclear on what the print quality will look like -- have come across some mentions of DPI issues.  What I'm planning to use if for is custom book cover designs.  So the user will start with a PNG background that has the page shape of the cover, back cover on the left, spine in the middle, front cover on the right.  When printed, the height of this image will be 11 inches, and the length of it will vary with a minimum of 17.5 inches to as much as 19 or 20 inches.  Users will primarily input text for their covers, and possible photos & backgrounds, but obviously we need them at high resolution in order to produce a high quality printed cover.  Is this feasible?

Also, we have an ordering system established --- we want this to operate separately as a cover designer, with no payment taken.  Is it possible for the user to simply download or send to us their generated design without purchase?




1) The export functionality is at the moment somewhat lacking (due to externally developed libs, we are going to implement our own we-service to solve this). You can however export all images the customer uploaded separately and in the originally uploaded resolution.

2) That should be possible, either through the get a quote feature or through integration of the designer via shortcode and the form to send the customized product to you.

Hi, I have the same kind of problem. 

Could you elaborate on step by step how to set up the get quote?


@Lee You can to work with the get quote form you need to :

1.create a fancy product using the product builder 

2. create a page or WordPress post (the designer will be displayed here)

3. Add the product you create to the page using the using the fancy product designer widget on the page your creating 

4. last but not least add the short code [fpd_form]

5. Save and publish the page. Visit the page to see the designer at work 

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