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SVG Settings

My .svg files have not been working on my site for quite sometime.  The display, scale, move etc but on click they do not allow you to change the color of the various paths like when I first started using this plug in 2014 

My question is does anyone have any tips on how to create svg's in Adobe Illustrator?  Which settings? etc.  

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When I click the swatch in the toolbar I get a color picker but the color does not change nor can I select any of the paths

OK so you're not even seeing the individual paths from the svg. Do you get any js errors in the console?


Nope, not seeing individual paths.  Just that one red color (on this particular svg i would expect to see 4 color paths that i could change) . In the menu bar when clicking on the svg the color picker will  open and I can chose a color but it does not have any impact on the svg as the color does not change at all.

screenshot of my consoles from Chrome and FireFox

Do you get the same when enabling manage layers module?


Yep... Just the one color swatch not separate color paths as you did...

Derek did you ever solve this?
I have the same exact problem right now except in reverse! My PNG base won’t change colors at all on mobile only. The color picker pops up but has no effect on the jacket at all. Go to swap product and check out he jacket. I just found this out with cross comparing the demos and trouble shooting. Also the t shirt demo uses and svg instead of a base like the initial intro video shows so I’m super confused. It did work once with png so I’m not sure what is going on!? https://mfa.srg.mybluehost.me/illini-grad-sales/product/custom-letter-jacket/

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