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Can't download or print

I don't have a pop-up blocker but get the message: "Please disable your pop-up blocker and try again."

 Any help?


Do you have the popup blocker in your browser enabled? It's usually possible to set exceptions for certain pages, so that it should work. Depending on your browser this setting can be found in different locations.

Like I said, I have no pop-up blocker. I tried in a fresh install of chrome and have emptied caches etc.

Someone else is having the same problem.

We can't use the pdf option because of the fonts not showing up on export. Sure changing the font in illustrator is a work around but not feasible for every order.

Ah sorry. I'd need to see the issue in person. Please open a support ticket.

Fonts will not be exported into the pdf if they are not locally installed on the computer you are creating the .pdf with.

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