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Orders not showing color choices customer chose

I just received an order and I am not able to see the colors the customer has chosen. I tested the products out and viewed in the cart, and the color choices are always in the cart.

Now, I got my 1st order using FPD and to my dismay I am unable to see the colors chosen within the order info page.

I didn't even think to test that out since I was clearly able to view all the pertinent information when I placed items in the cart.

Does anyone know what is causing this problem?



If in the order viewer you select this option:

You'll get the hex codes for all colors used by the customer.

Sorry, but that option is not showing up in my viewer.

V 3.0.5 in case your're going to ask me what version I'm running...

My screen DOES NOT look like that at all! Twice I have posted screen shots to show you what my order viewer looks like, and both times I don't see the posts. 

The option you have circled is NOT in my order viewer. I am running V 3.0.5

A yes, sorry I did not know you were running 3.0.5. Please update to version 3.1.1 and the feature will be available.

Okay. So I apologize if this seems a bit dim witted but... Everytime I receive an email about an update, when I go to codecanyon the file to download is the same name as it was the last time. There is no way to even know if it is the 'latest' version and what version I will be updating to.

I bought the plugin 2 years ago but due to one crisis after another I never even got the chance to use the darn thing. NOW I finally have it installed, have some products listed, and I am really not sure how I am supposed to know what version I am actually updating to AND I am really not sure how I am supposed to do that without losing all the settings I already have in place.

Would you be so kind as to explain the proper procedure for updating to the latest version so I don't lose any of my current Fancy Product settings and how I am supposed to know if I am actually installing the 'latest' version?

Most plugins get updated within the dashboard. I just can't afford to screw things up at this point. Thanks.

As in the other thread: Pleas update to version 3.1.1, yes the name of the file you download from codecanyon is the same, however the version number and functionality is very different. We will with the next update/ version introduce a direct update feature.

You can update the plugin simply be uninstalling the old version via the WordPress plugin page and uploading and installing the new one.

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