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Microsoft (Edge) did it again?


A user reported an issue with edge browser, i made a test and i got the same result.

When using Edge browser and you try to download a design (frontend) the browser will block this download and ask you to authorize this website.

Even if you authorize it; when you try to download the product you will be redirected to a blank page.

Can somebody test this and confirm please!



I can confirm that this is an issue, however I'm not sure whether this is something we can fix because it might be caused by the browser. I'll let the developer know.

Yes when attempting to save the file as a JPG or PNG in Microsoft Edge, a new window opens up and is completly white. Can't save the file in Microsodt Edge. Is there a fix or is this a known issue?



It's a known issue with Edge, yes. Sorry from our side there is nothing we can do about it.

Since the PDF option does work. Is there a way to turn off the JPG and PNG option?


You can hide it with some custom CSS (add via the UI & Layout composer, custom CSS tab):

[data-value="jpeg"]{display: none !important;}

[data-value="png"]{display: none !important;}

This is interesting - I communicated this same issue to author over the last few days and was told the download works on Edge for you guys.  Please advise. 

Can you apply the above CSS to only certain categories?  If so, can you provide the code to do so.  

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