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Custom Picture above 15 megabytes to upload simply loads the zone. A help anywhere.

It is not better to solve uploading pictures?
I have a problem with uploading large images.
This problem happens according to the size of the RAM memory of the computer of the user.
A customer who has only 4 G RAM with Windows 7 loaded image with a maximum size of 12 megabytes
Larger image just recorded. When uploading large files, eg. 20 megabytes console him in Firefox writes (uncaught exception: out of memory)
The problem is that when recording such a large figure nothing happens.
Pops, no information, nothing. Then the customer think that this program does not work and leaves the e-hop away.

Customer 8 G RAM and Windows 8.1 loads eg. 18 megabytes image, but more did not.
Maximum Image Size (MB) = 50 MB
Limited to one file is one gigabyte
POST also upload one gigabyte


The designer is not made for such large images and I also do not think its very user-friendly. Your visitors have to wait a few minutes in order to see the pics. I do not recommend to use such large images in web at all. Every web developer will tell you the same.

In my file upload settings section, it says "Your PHP settings limit the maximum file size per upload to 4 MB". If you have access Netgear Router Password to custom php.ini that's it should require changing.

Sometimes when you go for www.mywifiext.net setup, you get an error message or unable to connect to it. A weak connection between extender and router can be one reason. For any help, contact us.

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