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It is not better to solve uploading pictures?
I have a problem with uploading large images.
This problem happens according to the size of the RAM memory of the computer of the user.
A customer who has only 4 G RAM with Windows 7 loaded image with a maximum size of 12 megabytes
Larger image just recorded. When uploading large files, eg. 20 megabytes console him in Firefox writes (uncaught exception: out of memory)
The problem is that when recording such a large figure nothing happens.
Pops, no information, nothing. Then the customer think that this program does not work and leaves the e-hop away.

Customer 8 G RAM and Windows 8.1 loads eg. 18 megabytes image, but more did not.
Maximum Image Size (MB) = 50 MB
Limited to one file is one gigabyte
POST also upload one gigabyte


I have replied to this in the ticket you opened. Anyway:

Web technologies such as canvas etc.  are simply not made to handle image files that big. Even a good PC will struggle with a 25 MB upload. Sorry, but there is nothing we can do about this.

Johnny, I have the same problem/request. As it is a product designer to design any poduct as it is written , it might be handle big image sizes somehow. Think about it:
I have a canvas print shop ( i think in your demos there is a framed picture example), the minimum canvas size is around 20x20 cm (8x8 inches) But the average sizes starts from around 40x60, 60x90 cm etc. As a good quality print needs minimum 150 dpi, a 60x90 print size product needs an image with 3600x5400 px image, but 200dpi or higher resolution is better, a 220 dpi image is 5280x7920  in px size. Furthermore jpg is not as good as TIFF for examle, so that kind of image could 50 MB or more....

And it is not about web design, it is about online product ordering with visible layout of the final product. I think the problem could solve if the plugin has an option to generate a "working" image from the uploaded one. I know that tehere is no solution to generate the final image from the FPD but it would be good to use the FPD as an ordering system with product previews selling products which need large image files as well.

Another point of view is that the FPD is a T-hirt designer tool as well. Nowdays there are more and more t.shirt designs covering a very large part of the t-shirt front or back, and these are more larger than A3 size so needs very large images as well....
So I think handling large and very large images would be very useful in the future, because till then, the FPD is not good for designuing every product, but is good only for designing produts only with very limited printable surface.


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