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When png image is loaded isn't visualized

When a customer uploads a png image, it uploads okay BUT it is not visible in the design area.

Are only jpg images visible????

Customers can't upload gif file either. Won't upload at all.


It's normal that gif's are not displayed, as that format is not supported. png images should however show up (unless they are transparent). Please open a ticket for this issue and send a link to a page with the problem.

Not sure what sort of link you want. Here is the link for one of the products (it's happening in ALL products). If you click on 'customize' , then upload a png image. It shows that it uploads but does not show up within the design area. Only jpg images show up/visualize.


Johnny their is a chance that the png is loading but he does not have a replace value or center align set and the image is loading OFF design canvas.

I had this issue with loaded image loading way high to the left of the of the ui stage.

I could just see the corner of the image and that was what clued me on the settings to load image centered.. or replace name..

Just a thought


And yet jpgs load fine.... it's not an off center loading problem. Also, if gif isnt supported why am I able to add a gif to the fancy designs folder?

I just tested your site with png and it loads just fine,, So the issue is on your side not user,, are you logged in when this is happening ? I went to your link, clicked customize added a png and no issues what so ever..

Here is the screen shot

Hmmm... perhaps that was the problem. I WAS logged in. I just tried uploading a png when NOT logged in and it worked.. Not really sure why that would matter as I am able to upload jpg when logged in but not png... hmmm

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!

You still have a issue.. if a user is logged in can they upload and view png,, try creating a test user account and check.

If that works then it is only for admin you are having issues,,

If that does not work,, then it is a issue some where..

I'll reply in the ticket from now on. I also can confirm that the upload is working when not logged in. Not sure what would be causing it to not work when logged in, sorry. Please check the error logs,browser console.

It may be that there is something wrong with the image I was trying to use for test purposes. I just tested the products again while I am logged in, and the png images are loading and visualizing in the design area EXCEPT the png I originally was using. Geeshhh....out of all the images I have stored on my HD, what are the odds that I would choose a file that won't load? 

For the record... what are the image file types that a customer can use? I haven't been able to find that information anywhere, and am only finding out by trying different file formats. I'm beginning to think I need to add that information in the product description/instructions as many customers will probably try gif, eps, and svg...

I still don't understand why I can load a gif into the fancy designs library but a customer can't 'upload' a gif.... And to top that off, the 'gif' from the library loads perfectly into the design area.

FYI, to add to an old thread. I just had a similar problem, but noticed that the PNG would load if it was large enough and not transparent (I had been trying to load a transparent png to replace another graphic just as a way to have a no-graphic option).

Anyways, that didn't work. So then I tried a small icon type image rather than a blank file. Still didn't work, but it was the min. size (for uploaded files in the settings), so maybe that was it, changed the settings...still nothing. Changing to a jpg worked, but afterwards, I now can use a png file just fine...might have been the original png file, might have been the size, might just be a weird bug in the code.

Thanks for the thread, hope this adds too it for anyone in the future.

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