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Fantasy Designs NOT swapping when changing,, Bug Or I missed something.

Ok. So I have a pretty good grip on this software, but I need something to work and it is not,

Here is the issue.

I have a folder of designs named Hearts. 

Each has a replace value of Hearts, so when the user chooses a different heart they swap ---> Works Great.

I have color link set up named Hearts

When the main design loads everything is WHITE.. 

When they swap out a Heart from the designs in the Hearts folder the design is loading black and the rest of the design stays white.

Hearts should swap out with current color selected and not change back to black!

What setting am I missing that will allow them to swap out the Heart and keep current color of previous Heart they are swapping.

Any help




That might indeed be a bug, sorry. I'll do some testing on this and let you know.

Please do let me know the out come, I can not offer designs based on swapping images not working correctly.

So if I missed a setting or this is in fact a bug update me,

Thank you for your work Johnny


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