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Is it possible to remove the greyed out options in the head (Add Image, etc)


some of our products can only be personalized when clicking on the type in the image itself. We do not need the "add image" "add text" and so on.

Therefore we disabled them in the options. Unfortunately some of our customers are confused why the items are still there (faded out) and are searching for the option how to use them. Can we completely remove them for some of the products?I have seen the fpd built into other sites where the header options were grouped together (but i do not how) so i think there must be an option?

thanks a lot,



Once you disable them in the UI & Layout Composer ----- > Modules -------> Double Click any one you do not want for that layout.

Now remember you can create UNLIMITED number of layouts depending on the product need.

Then in the product itself under Fancy Product Options --------> Choose Your layout for that product.

Just remember when you create a new layout you have to SAVE IT AS NEW and that way you can create unlimited styles for your products.

Never over right the default one you have the default as your master, other wise you will end up having to change each product to a new layout.

I hope this helps.


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