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Toolbar/Attribute Placement

Please see image for reference. Do I need to edit the code for these placements? Where can I find them?

Thank you!


I moved mine with css..

Here is my code to help you narrow down what needs to be done,., Now this only works for desktop as I have mobile option disabled.

So this fix wont work on mobiles,

.fpd-visibility.fpd-show {

    visibility: visible;

    opacity: 1;

    width: 350px!important;

    left: 970.211px!important;

    top: 815.909px!important;


That moved my element box to the RIGHT and to middle like you have circled above for my theme.. You can try and play around with the settings in the element inspector.

Hi Jason. That's worked a treat for now thank you :) I see why you've disabled the mobile version!

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