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Fancy admin page often unaviable

Hi, often i can't go to the fancy admin page, the page won't load and after few minute have connexion error or timeout.

Customiser work fine but not the admin pages. Have no php or js alert anyone have this issue ?

Unistall and re-install -> same issue
Change files -> same issue

Disable all plugin -> Same issue

Change theme -> Same issue

Delete all from fpd on database -> same issue...

Wordpress: 4.5.2 FR

Woocommerce: 2.2.5 FR

Thank a lot

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Hi guys

I managed to talk to a technician at OVH, They did some tests and they realised that the plugin calls an external IP which does not respond, and the plugins works only when this IP responds.

According to them the issue comes from this IP and not from their servers.

What is this IP about ?

Hi everyone ! do you find the script which calling that ?

Seems weird, it has no license vérification, and if it's for files needed why a Gateway TimeOut ?

I don't have a clue about the script calling the ip, I'm just reporting what the technicians at OVH told me. They didn't give any further explanations.

You still don't see what is causing the issue ?

Hi everyone,

I think Johnny will not respond without opening a new ticket, since this one seems to be answered.

Some infos reversing that ip adress:

Sorry I've been busy the last few days. Please take a look here: http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/discussions/topics/13000006417. I'd guess it's the same problem.


Yes, it's the same problem (and same hosting service OVH).

Somebody need to fix it asap. I'm sure that many people have the same issue, but don't use this forum to expose it.

Since OVH is the third hosting company in the world, maybe at least 20% of FPD users have the same issues.

I think that it will be necessary that Radycal purchase an OVH Hosting plan for testing purposes. It's the only way to eradicate this very annoying bug IMHO.


I can't agree more, it seems there's no hope

i'm actually looking at other product designer plugins

Sorry you are having difficulties. Please note that this is, while I do answer here quite frequently still a community forum. If you need urgent help from us please do open a support ticket. The issue is as far as we know caused by some Providers blacklisting the IP of the server used for the auto update feature. We do not know why some providers have done that and are not getting any useful information from them.

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