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PDF Export

Sorry for my English, I'm French.

I would like to use this plugin on a website but I make many tests and the export pdf is really problem for me.

I try an example with an A4 custom product, i create a fancy product with 595px width and 842px height, it's a format for A4 at 72dpi.

When i create my order everything is ok, but when i want export pdf, in the tab "PDF width in mm" and "PDF height in mm" values are 157mm and 223mm.

So when i'm export like this, the pdf size is 157x223mm, not A4 format and the dpi are near to 110.

I'm trying many times but it's always the same problem.

How can i a pdf export with the right dimension please?


I can only apologize for the pdf export as it is at the moment. The problems are basically caused by externally developed libraries and there is nothing we can do to improve this straight away. We are however working on developing our own web-service based solution, which will among other things have good pdf support.

is is possible to get recognizable names of colors, instead of HEX on the PDF export on the backend?


This would be something to add in the feature request forum, not here at the end of a barely related thread, thanks!

so as of today the answer is "no"?



We also have issues with the PDF export adding a margin to the pages making it impossible to print. Is there anyone out there who can fix this? This plugin is using "tcpdf" to generate the output file, the script seems fairly simple from the FPD side in order-viewer.js - I assume it just needs either better options set up or a better PDF plugin. 

We too have issues with pdf export. The bottom of the image is trimmed off. As stated above, making it impossible to print. Did anyone ever find a solution to this? 

This will never be addressed.. as it is a common complaint for over a year now.



How are you and others working around this issue? Did you ever find someone to fix it? 

I'm also very interested in a better export PDF feature. The PDF I'm exporting is slightly off in the size that I entered in, making it unprintable. For example, Im trying to export a PDF for a business card that is 1260x735 px (with bleed) at 350dpi. Through the mm converter it tells me it should be 91x53mm at 350dpi. However, when I open the PDF the size is actually 1252x730 px. I can adjust the size afterwards but this adds time to each job that I'd rather not spend.

I'm net to this thing at all yet I'm running into the same issue as well. Literally, the very file fits the A4 format well after export, but it got a huge quality loss nevertheless. I tried to save it in a resolution as is and only then to edit with the third-party tool like this edit-pdf.pdffiller.com and it works to me this way, but the free trial of the tool is about to end soon and I don't want to spend extra money in order just to get the feature working

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