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Serial Numbers

I'm looking into this product for providing a customization solution for one of my customers. They want to be able to allow a shopper to add serialization to the custom layout. Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement something like this so that the shopper can provide a serial number range as well as place it in the design?

Does the serial number need to change with every sale? Or is it static?

No. It could just be static component that the customer would place on the design and the order would contain the actual serial number details used for manufacturing. Effectively we want to be able to allow an arbitrary serial number range to be supplied by the customer. Thanks!

In that case, could you simply use one or several text elements or an image layer? You could even setup a design category for different serial number lengths etc. (that is if you use images).

Ok, this sounds doable. We will go ahead and proceed with the purchase of this plugin. We're excited to finally have an opportunity to use this great feature for one of our customers. Thanks for the great feedback.

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