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Single Pricing Based on How Many Colours Used

It would be nice to have an option to make a single price for each colour being used. 

We use vinyl for printing shirts, so it would be reasonable to make pricing based on colours used, since one vinyl sheet for each colour. 

As for the moment, we are only allowed to make colour pricing scheme that everytime a customer adds texts or images, the price adds up.

Otherwise, really great plugin!


You can set a color price in the main settings. http://support.fancyproductdesigner.com/support/solutions/articles/5000597149-defining-names-and-prices-for-colors

I am pretty aware about that configuration. I hope you can understand what I meant.

So again, here it is...

Adding prices per color in the settings with predefined colour palettes does nothing in the cart price.

As you can see, the cart price has not changed for the supposed price for every predefined colour paletes no matter how many colours you throw in.


Not unless you tick that "Enable for Texts"

Notice that the cart price adds up everytime you add element even with the same colour.

My point here is, how can I make it "price per colour" not "price per color per element"?

I had to have a custom coded plug in created for what you are after.. I am not sure how to talk to you about it through here.

Because of the limited price per color situation with the designer,, I love the progress the have made and will make,, 

But yes with out using a second plug in or creating variations to the product you will be limited.,

Is there already a solution or any idea how to get this "problem" solved? The price really should only raise by different colors not on each element added.


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