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Image cut in the middle


When they download a design, some users told me the image (png or jpg) is cut in the middle.

I suggest them to use another web browser and it works.

But i don't know which browser plugin or settings is causing this.

Does anybody encounter the same problem?

Any idea, suggestions?

We've not encountered this issue before, which browsers where affected?

2 persons reported on safari browser (one on a mac other on ipad)

1 person reported this on windows firefox.

I suspected the design (postcards) size, one time i reduced it from 1200px (width) to 900px, and that solved the problem, user could download the customized design with no problem.

After a while some designs with 900px and 500px height had this same problem.

So it still not clear for me right now if it's the browser, the size or something else!!!

i will try to collect more infos as users report this...

My experience: all macbook pro with retina displays! It's incredible! Independent of browsers. The error is also directly on the demo website fancy.




Thanks and  our sincerest apologies, we'll look into it.

We are looking into it and there should be a fix soon.

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