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Size of upload area and image

Guys, i have a question and hope you can help.

Im busy with the Fancy Product Designer and its pretty awesome. 

However im wondering something. 

Is the size of the upload area related to the size of the image of the customer can upload and that i can download after the order?

When i set my upload area to a handsome 400x400px, the image i can download after a placed order is also 400x400px. As the uploaded images should be printed (photo quality), this is not what i want. 

It would be superb if i can set the upload area pretty small (400x400), but customers can still upload high res (1920x1920), and thus big, images and i can download these big images again after the order has been placed - at the same resolution the customer uploaded it. 

is this possible?


You can always export the quality the user originally uploaded. In the order viewer, select the uploaded image in the viewer or the layer manager and then download it via the single element export using the original size option.

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