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SVG Design Colours

Hi Guys,

I'm hoping someone can tell me why I have this crazy choice of colours when my design is actually only 2?

I just added one colour in the design settings.



That's because there is one color swatch for every path (even when they are the same color). You can change that via the option color picker for every path.

Thanks. I'm not sure I understand what you mean on how to solve that within the tool if that's what you meant.

I've done it, though.

But for anyone using Corel Draw when designing/editing... I simply 'Welded' the individual objects to make one for each colourway.


How does one go about linking colors, from Custom Text to SVG files ? And how do to make 1 path design in Inkscape ?

Have you tried the colour link group option? You can change the Custom Text Options in the Settings area.

Their is not Link Color option when you upload a SVG ... If that was a option I would have used it,, But when you upload a SVG to the create design and click colors no link option show,, Does one show for you ?

When I upload an SVG in the fancy designs area yes there is a colour link option. Or are you trying this in the product builder?

Yes I am trying to build a product using a svg image, and no color link option is available!

What worked for me is that if you have two colors then you need to group all the same fill colors together then make a compound path. Hope this helps. You file should then only have two paths.

Is it still not possible to change the colour for the whole SVG, even when there are more paths?

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