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Fancy Product Designer 3.1 + MSPC 1.0.8 doesn't work together

Another bug:

1.Click on an upload area on the stage

2.The palette appears, which allows you to do add text, upload an image or choose from designs

3. If using MSPC with an attribute image - while the palette is still open, click on an attribute. The attribute image gets stuffed into the upload area, it does not properly replace the stage image. 

4. If the user dismisses the palette, the error still occurs. Only by resetting the product can the MSPC attribute swapping work as originally intended.

This is an obvious bug - I'm surprised that it wasn't caught before the new FPD was released. 

I've been working on some jQuery to try and solve this, since my site simply won't work with this bug. I've figured out how to dismiss the dialog box when an attribute is clicked, see below. BUT I can't figure out how to deselect the upload zone when an attribute/variation is clicked. This still causes the attribute image to appear inside the upload zone, rather than the main stage. 

ANY help would be appreciated. This is a HUGE bug that needs to be addressed, because FPD and MSPC don't work together...


jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
"use strict";

	// Wait till fpd is ready
	$( '.fpd-container' ).first().on( 'ready', function() {

		// Trigger when clicking on a variation
		$( '.mspc-variation' ).on( 'click', function( event ) {

			// If the dialog box is open then trigger a click on the close icon
			if ( $( '.fpd-draggable-dialog' ).is( ':visible' ) ) {
				$( '.fpd-icon-close' ).trigger( 'click' );






This will be fixed in next update.

Thanks very much radykal!

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