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FPD and currency switcher


my client loves FPD but wants a currency switcher  as well. Problem is that the switchers display total price on single product pages in basic currency set in woocommerce. The price is calculated properly in the cart screen though.

My guess it has something to do with custom price handlers of FPD (adding costs for colors, layers, images etc.) and how it calculates and display the total.  Any suggestions, tips, solutions?

I tried 2 switchers so far, both had the same problem:



Help would be much appreciated, thanks!


Hmm seems the _setTotalPrice()  function in class-frontend-product.php is the culprit but I'm yet to figure out what to do about it.

Hi, I have the same issue. Was this ever resolved?


Hi, has this ever been fixed?


You need to remove these lines from class-wc-cart.php and it works for me.

//add additional [fpd_data]([fpd_product],[fpd_price]) to cart item

   add_filter( 'woocommerce_add_cart_item_data', array(&$this, 'add_cart_item_data'), 10, 2 );

   add_filter( 'woocommerce_add_cart_item', array(&$this, 'add_cart_item'), 10 );

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