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How to get the right resolution?

Hello dear support team,

I only have one problem, till my Online Shop can be activated. It is a problem with the resolution to print. 

For example: 

I have an mousepad for the customization. I uploaded the "empty mousepad" (pattern for adding pictures and texts) for customization as .png with the format: 

234mm x 193mm with 300 dpi = 2764px x 2280px 

The stage of FPD has 1000x600px to look good on my website. Because my mousepad pattern would be too big for the stage I scaled it with 0.23x.

The stage looks great, the mousepad pattern looks good. But when the order is done, the order viewer transforms the ordered product to 265mm x 159mm instead of the correct printing size. I really don't understand that. Please help me and explain me what I should do, because then I can start adding all the products and can kickoff the online shop. Thanks in advice!

Greetings Pascal



In this forum, at the end of page 2 of this link :


You will find a recipe for input / output that works well for professional hi-resolution output from any stage with the same aspect ratio.

Hello Jeremy,

thanks for your advice, but in my opinion this is not a real help for me. I don't understand the current problem of the FPD. 

I (as manufacturar) upload a picture of my product in resolution X to the stage, the customer is adding some photos and texts to it and finish his order, why I'm getting now the order in a completely different resolution Y? I mean, in which process of FPD, the program thinks like "hm, I'm changing now the resolution of the manufacturar to a completely other resolution?). When I export the order it has a white box around my uploaded stage picture. Why? The FPD could let the resolution at the same like the stage product picture. 

Please help me in this case. Also the other guys in your thread talking about the necessary of this problem. I really like your plugin, but this is for me a real bad thing. 

Imagine if I have 30 customized orders a day -> I don't have time to crop the images and scale it to the right resolution. Because of that I bought the FPD. 

You also realized my suggestion in your new version 3.1.0 "Option to close the dialog as soon as an element is added to the stage", I'm very happy about this new feature and it's nice to see, that you react to your community. I would be really glad to see a fix of the problem with the resolution. 

Thanks in advice!

Greetings Pascal

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