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Custom Bounding Boxes

Is there any way to create a not-rectangle bounding box like circular or round cornered? Even if i use a target image as bounding box (which is a backgroundless bmp) it just sets an rectangle box framing the image as bounding box.


Sorry, no there is currently no way of doing that. In most cases you can use a masking image though, like in our pin demo: http://fancyproductdesigner.com/product/bagde-pin/

Ok! Thx for your quick answer!

That'll work out fine for me, just another question: How do i manage to restrict the chosen elements (image/txt/design) to appear between my background and my mask-layer?

Alright, i found out myself: via the modification in the productbuildern "stay on top"

How to create a custom form for mudguard ? 

I made an outline of the mudgard on png, then, i assign as bounding box but it dosen't work.

If you can help me.


I'd use the image of the mudguard put in on a new layer in my image editing program then select the layer content, invert the selection and fill the selection on a new layer with the color/ image I want to use for the masking. Then export as .png, as that format supports transparency.

i did that. But, when I put a logo, it passes over the bounding box, why ?


Possibly because you have not activated the "stay on top option"? Or because the logo is on top? Hard to tell without seeing the page. Please open a ticket.

How can I activate the image mask in the simple plugin of jquery? Examples are in woocormerce.

I add the parameter to the image but it does not mask it with the base.

<img data-src='images/design.png' title='Design' data-parameters='{"uploadZone":0,"left":480,"top":250,"scaleX":1,"scaleY":1,"degree":0,"price":0,"replace":"Image","originX":"center","originY":"center","opacity":1,"removable":1,"draggable":1,"rotatable":1,"resizable":1,"zChangeable":0,"topped":0,"autoSelect":1,"uniScalingUnlockable":0,"boundingBoxMode":"inside","customAdds": {}}' />

You can see the code example.


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