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Order Viewer in the admin menu is not loading


when I create/design a product and want to look at it in the orders by clicking "load at order viewer" (don't know the right translation) it doesn't be displayed. So I'm not able to see and print the customized products. 

For your help I'm very grateful!

Greetz Pascal


That is probably a jquery conflict with your theme or a third party plugin. Please create a ticket if you need further help with this.

this is how the object is returned. it is broken in the middle. first one loads correctly. hope it helps to debug. please check what is the problem.

The problem was the plugin "W3 page cache". Because of the support ticket I could manage it to find the problem. I deactivated the plugin 


I can not open the page load in order viewer. If i click on the button, no design is showing up


Shot of our page which doesn't work

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