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SVG as one color

Is it possible to use a SVG file with multiple paths like it is one path? So one changeble color for all paths?


Yes, if you use this option:

You can switch between there being a selector for individual paths or one for each colour.

I mean when a customer adds an image from the fancy designs, at that point he can change all the colors for every path. So i am looking for a main setting here

Sorry, there is currently no setting for that. You could head on over to the feature request forum and submit a new idea for this there.


Is there a universal setting for Colorpicker for every path option?  

Just thinking about when I set up a blank product and want the customer to choose from different options

Hello, Where can I change that setting @Johnny

Only for .svg layers in the product builder, colors tab.

Creating a compound path should output a single path within your SVG code.

Select your elements and then Object → Compound Path → Make.

It works ... Thanks

Hello. From what i've tested, if I create a Compound path as, it works but what does not work is keeping the  viewBox i guess. What happens is, if i upload the svg. with the paths inside only grouped, the area not filled with design up to the extent of the Artboard is well taken into account.

When creating a compound path on those grouped paths, the bounding box is not the artboard anylonger but the limits of that shape. For me it's a no-go since i have to use one color pear each more complex compound path, and also have a fixed frame.

Is this repairable?

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