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Dear RadyKal,

Great plugin, many option. I searched in your support but I could not find the answers.

My customers has a product with exist of 3 same parts. Is it possible when they design own part. It automatically appears at the other to parts? So duplicate to the other parts. But its only one view. 

And, I saw a movie from you about replacing. I want that have as sample a sample logo. And when people change this logo they can add their own. When people replace their logo, i can't insert another icon or photo because it chances directly the logo. I want the custom upload to be a logo and that they are can put as many predifend icons. 

Additional question. If somebody buy the product and customized. I see be order you can save it in PDF format. Thats oke, but It save it in a special map. Is it possible to save in a easy way or send it directly by mail to our sales@company.com mail?

Or whats the easiest way to get this saved pdf? Kind regards


1: You can also set the replace feature for custom uploaded images to replace the logo image layer from the product builder. Maybe this will work for you? In this case the customer could still set as many designs as they liked.

2: Sorry, that is currently not possible. The easiest way to get the pdf is to access the order viewer and to generate and download the pdf file.

Dear Johnny 

Thank you very much for your response. 

2: going to try it:)

Thank you very much.

Kind regards


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